Success is social media is ALL about advocacy.

Yes, content is key, but you can have the greatest content in the business and still not have any fans.

Whut? But the content pundits tell us that if you have great content they will come! And they will share! And they will Beliebe!

Well, sorta.

Great content will certainly attract people to your social channels. and maybe even your product (I'm using product loosely here to denote a service as well.)

But what if your product or service is sub-par? Or worse yet, just plain sucks? Do you think that content alone will turn visitors into Beliebers?

The answer of course is NO. To have raving fans, or Beliebers as this article states, is to have a product that is good enough and consistent enough to earn and deserve them.

Justin Bieber's fans are Beliebers because of his music, personality, his looks – NOT because he has great content that he shares in social channels. Same can be said for  a few of the "most social brands" of Q3 2013 (per Social Radar) Apple, Disney,  and Starbucks for example.

Can you really say they have Beliebers because of content?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

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