Social Media

Whether you use social media or not, Colloquy can help. Strategy, tactical planning, daily execution, and more – from soup to nuts.


Social Selling

We can show you how to utilize social concepts to enhance relationships and generate sales, and how to utilize the latest tools to enhance your sales efforts.


Digital Strategy

Which digital channels do you use? We help businesses think through how to clearly define and apportion digital channels such as web, email, social media, and mobile to meet marketing and business objectives.


Digital Integration

This may seem like splitting hairs, but digital integration is different from a holistic digital strategy in that it focuses on how digital marketing works together with traditional marketing to achieve results. These engagements typically include a look at how to align internal resources and customer touch-points to facilitate true digital integration.


Integrated Marketing

As a consultant who has worked on both the agency and client sides of the business in traditional and digital settings, Mark often gets called on to help customers increase awareness and sales. In this case he acts as a CMO-for-hire and does so on a project- or retainer-basis.

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