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Mark is a branding expert having branded and re-branded numerous entities including an International award winning brand for Icon Advisors. If you want to build or re-brand, we can help.


Whether you need a marketing plan, digital strategy or both, we’ll create one based on your business strategy, goals, and budget. Then we can either hand over the strategy for a set fee or help you create a plan, set up marketing channels, manage resources, and track progress against your goals.


If you have a strategy, we can create a marketing or digital marketing plan. Ideally we’ll work on the strategy for you, but if you feel you have what you need, we can create a plan to enable you to meet – and hopefully exceed – goals.

Marketing Channels

We can work with you to set up and implement channel strategies based on your marketing strategy and plan then manage and track those channels to meet your goals. If it makes more sense to you, or us, we can also set up and manage channels individually. Channels include: content marketing, direct mail, e-mail marketing, Google ads, social media, tradeshows, websites, and more.

Marketing Technology

To get the most out of your marketing investments, we employ the latest digital marketing tools to automate, track and more. Our marketing “stack” includes: CRM, Marketing Automation, Analytics, and more.

I’ve always said that only 5% of the people in advertising or marketing ever make it to the level of Strategist. Mark is one of them. I had the pleasure of working with Mark while he was at Human Factors International. He helped my team gain a thorough understanding of his company’s business – which is the only way we can ever truly affect change with an organization. It takes an enlightened marketer to understand the value an agency can bring to a client. Mark gave us the opportunity to bring new and different thinking to HFI. In fact, he insisted upon it. Mark always looks for the best solution. He’s a firm believer in the saying, “An idea doesn’t care who has it.” He wants his team clicking on all cylinders – thinking of ways to differentiate the business and add leverage to the marketing effort. Mark is not afraid to challenge the status quo. While he has great respect for the thinking that has been done in the past, he knows what got a company to where it is today is not what is going to get them to where they want to go. Customer research, sound thinking and a deep understanding of a company’s business are what get Mark excited. If you’re interested in a “Yes” man, then Mark is not for you. But if you’re interested in someone who will challenge your thinking and bring you innovative ideas, then you should consider talking with Mark. He gets it.

Sam Meers

Executive Vice President, Barkley

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