Here Are The Social Platforms Preferred By Teens

And not surprisingly, Snapchat takes the lead. Though it's not a social platform per se, I'd love to see SMS in here to see if teens are texting of snapping more often.

My hypothesis is they are using each for different reasons. SMS for pure text, Snapchat for any kind of media-rich communication/expression.

And that's what we need to always keep in mind. What are they using it for? By understanding why consumers are using media (yeah, sorry, getting all advertising wonky on you right now) we can understand how to best reach them through it.

In practice, this differentiates each social platform utilized by teens as Snapchat can be expressive communication while Instagram is more of an expressive network for them.

Does this jive with your understanding of how teens are using social platforms?

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Snapchat is separating itself from the pack and establishing itself as the social network for teens, at least according to recent survey results from Piper Jaffray. In its latest bi-annual teen survey, Piper Jaffray found 35% of respondents naming Snapchat their favorite social platform, well…