5 Great New LinkedIn Features

Has it really been 27 weeks since I've posted? Well, I guess it has but this will make up for it 😉 I just received this email from LinkedIn that I had to share. Did you know about all these new features?

Upload multiple photos in a single post
You now have the ability to select multiple photos in a single post. Now you can share more of your experience at a conference or upload more of the slides you presented. Currently available for upload on iOS (Android and desktop coming soon).

Post native video directly to LinkedIn
You'll soon be able to record and post videos directly from the LinkedIn app, giving you another way to share your professional insights and perspectives. This has started rolling out to a small group of members, but you can expect to have access soon.

Get more distribution! Share your content off of LinkedIn
Guests and logged out users of LinkedIn can now see your posts, videos and articles on LinkedIn. Simply grab the post's URL via the control menu and share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and around the web! Check out the image below for an example of how your content will appear to readers who are not logged in to LinkedIn.

Share a draft of your article before you publish
Want to get feedback on an article you're about to publish before you publish it? You can now share your draft articles. Click on "Share Draft" in the article edit menu to get the link. Your drafts are only available to people who have these direct links that you choose to create.

Take control over your comments
As part of our ongoing efforts to provide a professional environment that encourages you to share your perspectives and thoughts on professional issues, we have rolled out the ability for you to directly manage the comments on your posts and articles. This added feature gives you the option to enable or disable comments.

Have you used any of these yet?

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