This is a great post about the relationship between search and content. But here's the rub.

SEO – got it.

Content Marketing – really?

Content marketing. Social media marketing. Email marketing. Article marketing. Even Integrated marketing. Marketing is Marketing. Are you following?

How we got to calling these mediums, these tactics, Marketing in and to themselves is beyond me. Maybe it's what was needed to monitize them. To build monolithic revenue generating machines.

Who knows. 

I'm done with it.

Marketing is what we do. My gosh, I can think of examples where content IS more important than SEO and vice versa. Of where certain businesses should only be using certain social networks. Or where email just doesn't make sense.

Think audience. Think budget. Think product or service category. Think STRATEGICALLY.

And when you do, you'll agree I have a point. 😉

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There’s a bit of confusion over SEO and content marketing. The confusion comes over how SEO and content marketing fit together. Do they fit together? Are they at odds with each other? If so, is it possible to force them together?