I do not believe social is a destination. And neither does the author of this article.

The gist is that social networking is older than the technology that is facilitating it. Being social is being human.

Now that the technology exists in the form of Facebook, Twitter, and as this author points out, Google Plus, it is my belief that people utilize social as part of their social regimen.

And the social networks they choose to engage with are born from that, not because a person wakes in the morning and thinks, wow, I need to do some social networking! Which network shall I socialize on?

From a business perspective it is a bit different, as I advocate for businesses to utilize social networks to achieve business objectives, and to do so means choosing social networks based on where that businesses audience spends their time. So businesses may, indeed, view social as a destination. But I obviously argue that the destination is theirs. 

Am I crazy or does this resonate?

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While companies like Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo (through its more recent acquisitions, including Tumblr) have been busy building destination sites on which they can display advertising, Google has been using destinations as a driver for what advertising to display next.