This infographic just prompts me to get on my soapbox.

What I love about it is that it is predicated upon consumer communcations preferences. I agree. Like I've always maintained, social media is media. And people use it and other digital media – email, SMS, etc – to communicate.

Interestingly, it finds that people have about 4 preferred channels which is one more than I have found in the non-+Brian Solis research based soley on experience.

This begs the question. 

If people only have 4 preferred communications channels, why be "everywhere?" Why worry about the next bright and shiny thing? Or even the network that has the most users?

The answer – don't do it.

Find out what forms of digital media YOUR audience uses, and focus on those. If you have the time and resources, keep your eye on the up and comers and experiment to see if there are untapped audiences to be found.

And always remember. Newspapers and AOL are still not dead.

Now That Social Media’s All The Rage, Is Email Dying? [INFOGRAPHIC]