There is SO MUCH hype around social and mobile and content, and everything new that we sometimes neglect what the consumer is actually thinking…

So what ARE they thinking?

Well, that they know exactly how they want to be marketed do, by who, when, and where. And it's probably not what you think.

Will this evolve? Of course it will!  As purchasing power shifts to younger generations, social will become their email, and personalized in-store holograms generated when users's mobile devices are in the vicinity will become the mobile of today…

My 3 takeaways:

1 – Stay on the leading edge if you're a marketer and you have the time and resources to afford it. You don't HAVE TO invest in bright shiny objects immediately to remain relevant.
2 – Now more than ever, consider your audience. For example, e-Marketer just released research indicating that Boomers have much lower adoption rates of smart phones than other age groups. So if you target Boomers, is it imperative to invest heavily in Mobile?
3 – Don't ever lead yourself to believe that a medium invested in by major companies and trusted by millions is going away anytime soon. When I first started in the digital business – I found a 14.4 modem in my house the other day, no kidding – we told the world that print was dead. Well, here we are a few decades later and not only isn't print dead but even newsprint isn't! 

Psst – digital natives, are you listening? ;->

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