Brand advocacy is a big deal. To me it has always been central to creating and maintaining a social presence.

This is a good article though unfortunately named as you cannot "create" brand advocates. Brand advocates happen organically. It is up to you to nurture them.

When I created cuacentral,com, I knew we had a captive audience, many of whom were brand advocates. We had trained people, provided them a proprietary designation, and with the creation of the community, provided a platform for us to identify and harness the power of these advocates.

Say what you will about how to use social and get an ROI, but if you focus on finding your advocates and figure out how to incentivize them to use their social networks to advocate on your behalf, you have unlocked the true potential of social networking.

What do you think? Have any stories to share?

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While we may refer to them as brand advocates, those people who support a brand especially when it’s facing some kind of crisis, are really just passionate fans.