Here's an excellent article about how the auto industry can use digital to generate leads.

The thing is, and I blogged about this a couple of years ago, what the auto industry needs is disruption in the form of changing the distribution model.

As I see it – and I know about as much about the auto biz as you do – the dealer needs to change into a facility where a consumer who has done all their digital homework and configured their car can go for a test drive – if needed – and close the deal. And imagine if that would be in ANY dealer.

Totally changes the dynamic, and makes the dealer morph into something MUCH MORE than a place where people shop for cars typically based on dealer inventory and to get car repairs.

Shoot, read my 4 year old blog post and see what you think.

With automotive purchase journeys increasingly taking place online, manufacturers and dealerships have a reason to place greater focus on digital channels to pick up customers in the early phases of their research.