Linkable Assets. This is my newest, favoriteist buzzword. Why you ask?

The article below implies that this has something to do with search. And in a way it does. But it is ALL about content.

Authentic, engaging, valuable content.

As most of you know, I despise the term content marketing. Just like I dislike – in no particular order – social media marketing, search engine marketing, e-mail marketing, and blah, blah, blah – all the rest. Marketing is marketing. These are mediums, tools, and tactics. They are NOT marketing. (but that's a different post for a different day.)

In a nutshell, Linkable Assets are those pieces of content which will make your site, blog, or wherever your content portal is, a destination that just MUST be linked to. 

No need to try to figure out how to make something go viral. Just create the right content for your audience, and it will not only be linked to, but it will spread like wildfire.

Though this may seem sarcastic, there is none intended. Experience tells me that what this author preaches is what I already subscribe to.

And now it has a name.

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You know the SEO story. You produce “great, unique content.” Then you write guest posts and ask influencers for links. It’s a simple story. And it’s not a