It's news that niche social networks are all the rage? That's the gist of this recent article from ClickZ.

Time for me to get on my soapbox again 😉

Social is media. It is probably more powerful than most mediums we engage with – though TV sure does have a hold on us – but we must acknowledge its power and importance now and moving forward.

If you're with me so far, when we consider the evolution of TV for example, we started with 3 networks, and now we have hundreds of channels. So why WOULDN'T the same thing happen in social?

Facebook will probably always have it's place, just like the networks. But if you're a pet lover who would rather spend the bulk of your social networking time with other pet lovers, wouldn't the social media equivalent of Animal Planet make more sense for you to engage on?

It's almost as if it was the way it was meant to happen. It's the way humans operate and as a result, the way marketers hone in on their best prospects to engage with and sell to. No doubt, the Super Bowl is great for awareness, but it's the pet food ad on the Puppy Bowl that's going to sell product. 

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