Email is a more effective channel than social for brand advocacy.

Or is it?

This is a fascinating study conducted with big brands and millions of consumers which indicates that while social campaigns provided extended reach for campaigns, advocates were most likely to share links that resulted in sales via email. 

That's right. Email.

But here's the thing. Let's not get hung up on what is amounting to be semantics.

Being "social" is what humans have done before the dawn of technology. Now we just happen to  have numerous ways of expressing our social animal within  – from coffee at Starbucks to Snapchat  – and everything in between. 

The point being that regardless of the medium brand advocates choose, they ARE being social, and they ARE being advocates.

Lesson learned? Make sure you understand what channels YOUR advocates are using to support your brand and focus on them for advocacy efforts.

Does it really matter if it is Facebook or email?