Back to the Future

It's been a little over 10 years since I had 30 people working for my digital agency in Denver. We created web apps, user centered websites, and even dabbled in social media on behalf of Red Bull USA.

What recently struck me about that time in my life are spooky parallels to where I am today – though I'm in Fairfield, Iowa, not the Rocky Mountains 🙂

1 – Yesterday, I was voted in as board chair/president of the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center. Back then, I was asked to become board chair of Denver Scores which led to me being on the Executive Committee of the National Board of Directors for parent organization, America Scores.
2 – I am about to leave the office for a few days for the opening session of Leadership Iowa. I'll be in the graduating class of 2015. During that time In Denver, I was a member of the Leadership Denver Class of 2003.
3 – The company I co-founded in Denver started at my dining room table. Though 5 years old this year, Colloquy Digital is headquartered in my dining room in Fairfield.

I attributed much of my success in moving from my dining room to a historic loft on Blake Street in Denver with 30 employees and clients like Red Bull to hard work, timing,  my board involvement and Leadership Denver. 

Spooky coincidence in Iowa?

I think not. 

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