Social Media

Social MediaSocial is Media.

Consumers and businesses use social networks to gather and share information and to create and consume entertainment.

“Social” harnesses people’s natural tendencies to gather, share, and create in a manner that is nothing short of spectacular.

Social’s underpinning is leading edge technology. And not to oversimplify, but we view social as media. Very powerful media, but media nonetheless.

Our approach to social media begins with strategy:

  • Being attentive to business and marketing objectives
  • Carefully considering which social network (s) will reach your audience at the right time, and in the right place
  • Determining the resources it will take to build and maintain social relationships with your prospects and customers

Colloquy’s founder, Mark H Cohen, had the unique experience of working with social sharing technologies since the early 2000s.He  has successfully planned and implemented social media programs on “both sides of the desk ” working with over one hundred businesses on social media programs that have achieved business results.

He has written about social media, conducted workshops, and trained numerous companies, groups, and individuals.

Client Engagements have included:

  • Cambridge Investment Research and hundreds of its financial advisors
  • Decision Innovation Solutions
  • FlexShares ETFs
  • Human Factors International
  • JH Funds
  • Meers Advertising and many of their clients
  • RS Investments
  • True Market Solutions

Speaking Engagements/Trainings have included:

  • Cambridge Investment Research National Conference
  • Cambridge Investment Research Practice Management Webinars
  • Fairfield Iowa Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Fairfield Entrepreneur’s Association
  • Fairfield Manufacturer’s Association
  • Financial Planning Association (FPA) National Conference
  • LIMRA Broker-Dealer Committee
  • Mt. Pleasant Iowa Chamber of Commerce
  • Pathfinders RC&D of Iowa
  • Shaklee Corporation
  • University of Wisconsin E-Business Consortium


Here’s how we can help

You may need one or more of the following services. A no-obligation introductory call will help us to access your needs and create an action plan and quote for your organization.

Each engagement starts with a Disovery Session, Where we’ll take the time to understanding your audience, business, and marketing objectives, what to measure and report on and more.  The deliverable from Discovery will be a strategic social media plan for your organization. Your plan is customized to your needs but is likely to include:


  • Even if you’re not ready to invest in social for marketing purposes, we recommend establishing “social listening” so you can monitor conversations about your brand, the competition and/or topics relevant to your market space.


  • A social media policy will govern employee social media usage and ensure consistency and adherence to other related web and privacy policies.


  • We’ll help you integrate social media into your organization and deliver a plan for how social will work in concert with other marketing efforts.

Content Strategy and Calendar

  • We’ll work with you to develop a content strategy to ensure your content represents your brand/value proposition. We’ll also make sure you’re clear on how to source content to support your efforts, when to deliver it, how often to deliver it to your audience and more.


  • Once you’ve established your network, a strategic plan, and  have identified resources we’ll show you how to build your network and get it to work for you to achieve objectives.


  • Based on what you tell us about your business, there will be no mystery around social media success.


  • We can set up your social platforms, monitor and maintain them for as long as you need us to – cost efficiently and effectively.


  • You’ll receive training on the platform and associated tools we’ve implemented so you can fully own your social media programs without additional external intervention.

Everything you need will be packaged in a social media plan which we can implement, train you to do it yourself, or somewhere in-between.

Interested In Discussing Your Needs? Get On Mark's Calendar.

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