Social Media

Social is Media. Consumers and businesses use social networks to gather and share information and to create and consume entertainment. “Social” aspects of media harness people’s natural tendencies to gather, share, and create in a manner that is nothing short of spectacular….

Social Selling

Enhance relationships and generate leads… Social selling is the utilization of social media and associated tools to enhance the relationships you have with your current leads, and to generate more leads. Colloquy has coached over one hundred businesses on social selling strategies. Effective social selling solutions…

Digital Strategy

A well-defined strategy will set you free… It’s harder than ever to reach and influence your customers as they utilize traditional and digital media to make purchase decisions. New technologies avail themselves to you. Sometimes it seems like…

Influence the Conversation.

Colloquy develops strategies and programs that help businesses find and retain customers.

We work with you to influence the conversation your customers have with your brand. The idea is to inspire them to advocate and refer you, and to happily buy more.

If we’re not working with you on a retainer generating and nurturing leads, we love to work on projects such as developing objectives-based digital strategies, social media planning and execution, and training employees and execs how to use LinkedIn – especially for B2B and financial services companies.

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Advertising hasn’t change, but the delivery has, Facebook says

It's 1998 all over again!That's when I counseled clients and my previous employer about why the best way to view digital was as a medium.And that the same approach we took with marketing... - Understanding our target audience - Objectives and strategies tied...

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