I’ve always said that only 5% of the people in advertising or marketing ever make it to the level of Strategist. Mark is one of them. I had the pleasure of working with Mark while he was at Human Factors International. He helped my team gain a thorough understanding of his company’s business – which is the only way we can ever truly affect change with an organization. It takes an enlightened marketer to understand the value an agency can bring to a client. Mark gave us the opportunity to bring new and different thinking to HFI. In fact, he insisted upon it. Mark always looks for the best solution. He’s a firm believer in the saying, “An idea doesn’t care who has it.” He wants his team clicking on all cylinders – thinking of ways to differentiate the business and add leverage to the marketing effort. Mark is not afraid to challenge the status quo. While he has great respect for the thinking that has been done in the past, he knows what got a company to where it is today is not what is going to get them to where they want to go. Customer research, sound thinking and a deep understanding of a company’s business are what get Mark excited. If you’re interested in a “Yes” man, then Mark is not for you. But if you’re interested in someone who will challenge your thinking and bring you innovative ideas, then you should consider talking with Mark. He gets it. Sam Meers

Sam Meers Advertising

I worked with Mark at Human Factors International. He’s smart and funny, strategic and yet quite tactical. He made things happen at HFI. Mark brought sound marketing principles to HFI. He knows the basics as well as the new world of marketing. He led us from Day 1 in an exercise to clarify our brand, then went on to get us into the world of social media. Mark works at a lightning pace, but was always willing to be patient and mentor/discuss/teach his colleagues when necessary. He knows his stuff. Mark and I worked really well together. He’s personable and flexible. I enjoyed every interaction, conversation, and opportunity I had to work with him.

Dr. Susan Weinschenk

Human Factors International

Mark has been one of the most organized, enthusiastic and motivational VP’s I have reported to. His briefs for creative work have been extremely clear, communicative and exciting; bringing out the best from a designer. His expert knowledge, experience and skills have guided projects to a different level, and have set new standards. I have worked with Mark on various mediums (Print, Web & Interactive), and has shown multidisciplinary expertise in his comments & feedback. It has been a great pleasure and learning experience, working with Mark Cohen for the last 1 year. I wish him all the best.

Naryan Gopalan

Human Factors International

If you’re looking for a winning strategy for your web initiatives, Mark goes beyond what you think is possible. Always focused on the user, Mark innovates and creates ideas to connect with the audiences that matter most to your business. You can rely on his deep knowledge of new media, website concept, design, and functionality, and strategic marketing to exceed the goals for your online effort. When you’re trying to sell a marketing approach in your organization, Mark can help persuade executives and decision-makers by focusing on business results.

Bridget Richards

Artemis Communications

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